How to improve your tender win rate?

How to improve your tender win rate?

Pitching to win a meaningful contract in the public or private sector requires more than just downloading the documentation. There are significant challenges and opportunities ahead for you when you decide to take your business down this route. There are significant advantages but obviously risks too.

 Every contract you tender for will require focus, determination and effort if you want to win. If you can’t secure an acceptable win rate the profit won’t be worth the work you have to put in.

Helping many business owners to improve their tender success rate has helped us to learn more about what it takes to be successful. We’re sharing some of that knowledge through a series of mini tutorials. Amongst other things, these tutorials  will help you decide whether or not to bid, how to make the process less painful.  We will show you how to make your proposal stand out from your competitors.

First Tutorial Download – The Bid / No Bid Decision

Our first tutorial post is available as a download. You’ll find a number of questions that will actually help you to decide if the contract you might have found is really for you.

Please feedback if you need further support, we look forward to hearing from you with some feedback and questions.