Supporting businesses with proposal writing content

Supporting businesses with proposal writing content

We receive many requests for practical support, so we’re proud to announce that we will be supporting proposal writing in our blogs. We are proposing to add a ton of useful information around business and winning proposal development.  The Internet is awash with literally hundreds even thousands of free resources that explains the concept of proposals and content. Unfortunately many will probably not help you WIN a contract.  We aim to change that situation. In addition to our blog articles, we also provide consultancy around the whole tender/bid submission process to help businesses to implement recommendations in winning that next juicy contract.

What Resources are we adding to support proposal writing?

As a consequence of this positive step, the resources being added for the tender writing and management process include:

  • Processes, policies and statements
  • Resource allocation, budgeting and staffing
  • Strategies and approaches to find your ideal bid/ no bid position
  • Organisational issues we often find in tender preparation
  • Roles, responsibilities, and the context of devising a winning strategy
  • Incentives to help your business understand the benefits and values in tendering
  • Positioning your business in the tender, pitching your offer to the buyer

Developing resources further by adding a Proposal Writing Library with additional resources, designed to help you to WIN your next contract submission. There is some helpful information for you on How to improve your tender win rate in one of our blog posts.

We look forward to welcoming you back. Please do get in touch to find out how we can help you to WIN your ideal contract.