About us

About us

Do you want to achieve more with your tendering activity and get further ahead of your competitors?

Growing your business through tendering to ensure it’s profitable takes time, energy and investment.  We can help you to do that. If you want your company to grow so that you have a sustainable profitable business, then you need to get more business. This means attracting more contract work with better margins and business growth.  Seems obvious doesn’t it?  But the marketplace is full of companies who aspire to win a contract through tendering but struggle with the process.

What If you could win a contract or two?

You can, by knowing which tender and contract opportunities are a good match for you, focus on this match could be the difference between winning or not.

How we help you to Tender for contracts?

We help you to complete tender documents without you losing valuable working time and staff resources.  Our experience in this is second to none, our clients are our best evidence of this.  We expertly help you to present your business to potential buyers and clients, we are experts in the tendering process.

Present your business effectively to potential clients

Wouldn’t that put you ahead of most of your competitors?

Of course it would.  That’s what BIZphit offers – along with a whole host of free resources, blogs and podcasts on everything to do with winning contracts and tendering. Plus, you get professional tailored advice and support on your ‘fit to supply’ journey.

Please explore the website to find out more about us and what services we offer.

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Why people choose us


Experience & Sector Maturity

Our experience enables us to relate to the world of modern business. Whether you run a company providing high quality services such as Cleaning, Electrical or Undertaking services, our experience and diverse cross sector experience will be invaluable for your tendering success.


The Client Journey

We love our clients and we know our clients love us, or rather what we do for them and the value we bring to their business. They tell us that we have a good set of values and work ethics and we do what we say we are going to do, see client comments in our testimonial section.


Help to win that next contract

You may need help to win that next lucrative contract and that's exactly what we do - support and help. Whatever services you need we are here to support you through the process, we know what the needs are and that's exactly what we provide for you.

Meet the Team

Susan Rom

Susan is the optimal business networker, a natural people connector and a builder of strong business and personal networks. Combined with a solid understanding of business processes and a natural flair for getting the best out of people. All this is complimented with strong communication and leadership skills alongside national and EU public sector experience.

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Graham Clarke

Graham brings a breadth of business acumen together with a strong business coaching and mentoring background spanning over two decades. Combined with specific bid writing and supply chain skills which tease the best from bid writing scenarios. Graham has trained, coached, mentored and presented around the world and has both national and international training experience.

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