Many sectors need one type of an accreditation or another.  Typically, this may involve gaining an ISO Standard or some form of Health and Safety recognition. Accreditation’s helps a buyer to see that you have additional requirements to meet higher standards in your business. When submitting a tender for a public sector contract, there may be a specific accreditation’s that will help you to complete the submission very much easier. Checking out if there is a standard or accreditation for your sector is a really good thing to do.

This can particularly apply to higher value contracts where the due diligence and rigour may be higher.

How can we help you?

We can help you in a number of different ways.

You’re probably a busy and determined business owner. It’s likely that your team is fully committed to other business development activities, so having us to take some of the strain for you is going to be helpful.  We can do this actually completing the application process for you.  you pass the information we need to upload to a portal or website.  You can then assess the information in your own time and at your convenience.

Secondly, many of our clients find that we become an extension of their business, we are then able to keep information up to date for them over time.

What accreditation’s do you need in your business?

A really easy way to assess your needs is to look at your competitors, your suppliers and your clients.  What kind of accreditation’s do they have? Check to see if they are sector specific or more broadly business driven?

you can read about UKAS accreditation here