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Here at BIZphit, we run a range of training events for clients. These include seminars and master classes, tender and business improvement workshops, all designed to meet the needs of clients. Examples of these are:

  • Short seminars for clients covering many different and varied subject areas around ‘tender response’ writing
  • Information and ‘update events’ where tendering and procurement rules and regulations have changed
  • Master classes as you for prepare for writing winning tender responses
  • Grant funding events – please see our grant funding page
  • Workshops run externally or internally for clients.  We also run closed courses at clients premises.

GDPR familiarisation workshop – 28th March, Chelmsford.

We are running a GDPR workshop on 28th March, details for booking will be posted here soon. The workshop is a swift two hours and there will be an interactive session bringing out the major points of the GDPR regulations. We will be providing some complimentary tools so you can be a step ahead of your competitors and asses if you’ll be compliant on the 28th May .

Alternatively do get in touch and we will forward details as soon as the booking arrangements are published.

If you have a specific training or course needs then we can help, please send us a message. Please contact us for further details of any training needs or courses we run.

We can provide examples of typical content covered in courses and seminars.  For further information please drop us a message. Courses run in Essex, but we will and do accommodate any type of event at a clients choice of venue.

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Training courses

PQQ Master Course

This is a focused 1 day course on the new PQQ and the requirements for its completion. We provide guidance notes and information specific to the PQQ process. Attendees will gain an insight into the PQQ process and how to complete it successfully, this course includes...

Bid or no bid decision making

Mandatory information required for all PQQ submissions

Understand the key policies that need to be in place to proceed to bid

How best to answer questions

Strategy for maximising your score

Researching your client prior to the bid

ITT Requirements

Much like the PQQ Master Course, the 'ITT Requirements' course looks at the outline requirements often found in the ITT. Attendees will learn the intricate contents of the ITT and how best to approach the different types of questions that can be found, this course includes...

Developing a bid strategy

The importance of developing the realtionship

Understanding bid requirements

Pricing strategy

Planning, preparing and writing a response

Feedback and continuous improvement

Contract Management

This half day course will help businesses to understand the issues of managing a contract across the term of the contract, the importance of management control and key performance indicators, this course will include...

What does or will the contract demand of you?

What you must do within the contract

Maximising sound contract administration

Preparing to win the rebid

Minimising contract risk

Obtaining and maintaining sufficient contract resources

Grant Funding Event

Event date: Ongoing through 2017.
This short two hour event will introduce businesses to the possibilities of Grant funding that is available to businesses for a range of business growth activities.

Event booking link - Contact us

There are 8000+ funding sources

In excess of £200 billion available for grant funding

Grant funding to help your business grow

Discuss your funding requirements with experts

Network with other business, grant funding seekers

Pre-Tender Healthchecking

This one day course will concentrate on the measures businesses will need to consider in their preparation to tender for a contract. The importance of pre-checking business readiness before bidding cannot be over emphasised, this course will include...

What pre-tender fitness is

How pre-fitness checking can significantly help you to win

What policies do I need to have in place

How to manage 'Quality' questions

How to manage your environmental practice

Health and Safety management

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