Get Access to Grant Funding

Get Access to Grant Funding

Access funding to grow your business through tendering growth support

Our previous grant funding event was a great success. 15 SME businesses attended from a variety of business sectors.

Can I gain  grant funding to help me with tendering?

The simple answer is yes you can.  Government backed funding schemes can be considered a best kept secret. Yet up to 35% of the cost of our support is available as a direct grant. When you’ve been assessed and approved for a grant you wont need to pay any grant funding back.

However, you will need to show that you have gained our support for the grant. We help this process by keeping the grant funding body updated on your progress.  This means you can get the support you need from professional business growth consultants with minimal admin and forms to complete. You also to keep that vital step ahead of your competitors.

if you are currently considering investing in your business, then we will help you to find out about this lucrative funding and to apply.  Attending our FREE grant funding seminar will help you to find out if your business development plans are eligible to attract funding.

Is the grant funding event free to attend?

Yes, these events are FREE to attend, and they provide lucrative information that will help you to access funding sources.  Create a more sustainable business with growth and employment opportunities.

Can I get a FREE grant funding check?

Yes, you will receive a FREE funding fact find to assess your eligibility for tendering and procurement funding support. There is NO charge for this service.  Impartial feedback is provided to all those that take part in a FREE fact find.  We provide an outline of funding opportunities, grant levels and any associated requirements.

When is our next FREE funding event?

Keeping you informed and updated on these FREE workshops is a simple process, keeping you informed for the next funding event is very easy. If you’re interested in attending our next funding event, then please drop us a message and we’ll let you know as soon as we start the booking process. You then chose if you’d like to book on to the course via our online booking form.

What areas are eligible in my business for funding?

We primarily focus on planned growth for clients who want to participate in lucrative Public Sector contracts, but grant funding may also be available for a number of core business growth activities.  This will include consultants fees for providing business support such as developing business plans. You’d probably be surprised just how many different aspects of your business are eligible for a grant.

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