Tendering Services

Tendering Services

Professional bid writing services

Launch into Tendering

Are you becoming frustrated by your lack of success or lack of understanding of the tendering process? Does it seem just too daunting to contemplate? If so then we can demystify the process and help you to win that lucrative contract.

Time is of the essence

Are you wasting precious time, energy and resources trying to win that next contract? Surely you have a whole range of business issues to complete, why not engage us to take the heat and hard work out of the tender process for you.

Reaching for the stars

We want to see you go into orbit with your tendering and bidding activity, that's why we aim to get you going as quickly as possible. Our 'tender fitness' check will include developing policies and statements required to support you winning tenders.

Can we just say this...

The longer you leave things as they are the longer you suffer the pain and frustration of the tendering process. Do get in touch for details of our first class support with focus on helping you to WIN that next contract - don't hang around, do it now!

complient submissions

When you're putting your tender submission together you want to know that it fits the buyers needs and that's it's compliant. Let us professionally check it for you.

complete bid and tender management

Whatever service you'd like our help with, we can support you as if we are an extension of your business and manage the complete bid and tender process for you.

specialist and professional expertise

If you decide to engage us you can be assured you are getting the very best support, just ask our existing clients, we think you'll be satisfied with their response, we are happy for you to contact clients, just ask us for details.

flexible tender support

Flexibility is important to us so we know its going to be important for you too. We will support you in a way that you want us to and which fits exactly your business needs with no hidden costs, we provide what you want and need.

document management

Document management is an important aspect of your ability to provide a compliant tender response, we have a dedicated cloud based client area where we collaborate and share documents for clients to see and view.

contract alert services

If you're needing a contract alert service then look no further. We don't block your inbox up with alerts. Every alert that you will receive is targeted for your business, this leaves you to do the things you do best - run your business.

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