Are you investing sufficiently to win a tender?

Are you investing sufficiently to win a tender?

Many companies are looking to provide growth and to increase turnover in their business. Many look to tendering to provide the growth opportunities. Increasing your chances of success may mean engaging the help and support of a professional bid writing / tendering service. It’s a matter of fact that submitting creative and compliant bids takes care and high levels of attention to detail.

In several posts on our dedicated, we examine the things that a business has to do to consider an even or better than even chance of success. So, the question we ask is ‘Are you investing sufficiently to win a tender?”

Larger businesses often have the luxury of a dedicated team to complete work on a bid response. But for smaller SME’s this is often not the case. ¬†Often, the opposite applies with staff doubling up roles and responsibilities to fit the tender process around existing workloads.

This is where the expert and professional services of a professional bid writer such as BIZphit comes to the for. There is a much higher degree of risk in trying to win a tender when you don’t have sufficient resources. It’s akin to trying to run a marathon with a pair of shoes with no soles. Failing to deliver successfully against a tender response is just a waste of time, effort and energy. Not to mention the financial investment.

We are often contacted by potential clients for tendering advice after they have failed to win a tender. More of a worry is when we receive calls from clients who having won a contract realises they cannot deliver. Often under-resourcing is a primary issue. There is a real danger that because of the lack of time invested in assessing the risk they may not be able to meet the contractual obligations of the tender. They could find a tender being withdrawn from them. We work with all businesses both as consultants and as mentors looking at turnaround strategies to help them in the transition form win to deliver.

List of tips to help you win

We have a list of top tips to help you understand your position more clearly and these a very much worth perusing.

There are many other issues we could consider. But, In all honesty, you have to look at the basics and work through them in a measured and methodical manner. If you do so, you are more likely to make the biggest impact on your ability to win and secure a new contract. Investing sufficiently sufficiently is an absolute must.