BIZphit launches our new website for clients

BIZphit launches our new website for clients

At last our new website is launched! Following a false start when we went through re-development with our original developer. We now have our new website live. Our new developer has done us proud and we have moved into the third phase of our website development in 5 years.  This gives us some well founded extra flexibility. With new blogging opportunities and resource availability for clients. We intend to roll these out in the next six months or so.

Why we built a new website?

We’ve built our new website to accommodate a whole host of new content that we want to add for clients. Including information, news, the new blog, and integration with our social media accounts. An opportunity to provide a much more focused approach to our consultancy work.

Driving traffic (including potential new clients), to the website from our social media accounts including Twitter  which we are looking to use regularly. With other opportunities for clients to receive our new Newsletter and updates to our services. We hope these will be popular additions for clients.

Do come back for latest tender news, tips tricks, and traps, added features. A new podcast feature and new events, that will be part of our future plans to add value and growth to existing support for clients and potential clients.