All Change for Data Management as we slip towards GDRP

All Change for Data Management as we slip towards GDRP

Here we are at the beginning of February 2018. We find ourselves thinking about making changes to the way we manage personal data. The biggest change to data management looms upon us. So it seems especially important to turn our attentions to the transition phase of our businesses in preparation for GDPR. We are of course referring to the General Data Protection Regulation framework.

Our goal, to ensure we reach a minimum level of readiness before GDPR comes into effect on May 25, 2018. Ideally, that would include being ready to undertake a gap analysis, produce risk impact assessments and complete a project initiation document. Those items could be some of the first items the regulator may wish to see. In addition some assurances that we have validated processes and activities already in place to sustain or refresh its status.

We have already been contacted by clients asking what the impact of GDPR might be on their tendering activity. At the moment its difficult to totally assess. There are a number of reasons for this, but we are waiting to see what the Public Sector procurement teams do as they start to interpret the regulations. The requirements are bound to be profound as there will be a measure of compliance checking by buyers. Those businesses that have completed preparatory work will be better placed to respond to the requirements imposed by the tendering process.

In preparation we have tools that clients would find particularity helpful in getting them prepared for GDPR in May. We will be rolling these out soon with our trusted and preferred partner.

GDPR is being placed centre stage by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), there is helpful set of information and other resources available on their website, please follow this link.

If you’d like further information on how we can support the assessment of GDPR then do please get in touch.