Rocket to the future

Rocket to the future

We put you on the launch pad for tendering, getting you fit to supply, rocketing you into the future

We specialise in supporting small and medium sized businesses to produce winning tenders. We offer a bespoke service to fit your business needs, helping and supporting you produce fully compliant tender responses covering all aspects of the tender process.

Whether its the Expression of Interest,  Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, Invitation to Tender or you just need some insight into the tender requirements before you decide to tender, we can help. We are experts in our field and support a diverse range of clients across many business sectors.

BIZphit can put you on the starting blocks and get you ‘tender fit’ to engage with both the private and public sector, we can also help with finding contracts, specifically matched to your business needs, we make sure you don’t miss an important opportunity ever.  Speak to us today about contract opportunities in your sector.

The idea is to make sure you achieve your desired end result - is it to win that next contract or to win the rebid you have been unsuccessful with previously?

01. the idea

You've thought about the idea of tendering, now you want to take the important step and actually prepare to do it, what you need now is a strategy to take you from thoughts to actions, we'll offer you guidance to get you started

02. the options

Perhaps you've tried previously, been unsuccessful, maybe you had feedback but couldn't understand how it could help you to succeed the next time. With our support we will guide and support you through the process.

03. solving the problem

Solving tendering problems are made much easier when you know the answers to the common mistakes and issues. We have seen the mistakes time and time again and helped clients to overcome them, we solve the issues that give you the most pain.

04. how we do it

The client journey is all about - the client. With our innovative and ground breaking tools we are able to see why you've had problems tendering previously or give you a head start over your competitors, we know it works as our clients win contracts!

05. the end result

The end result from any process is an outcome that works for the end user or in this case the client. That's what we aspire to do, make the tender process easy and comfortable for you, driven by our desire to give you the best client journey you'll find anywhere.

you only need to win one contract to increase your turnover, its an excellent way to grow your business, make this your best year yet and grow your business with public sector contracting

Writing tenders and responding to either the PQQ or ITT can take up a lot of time and resources. Many public sector and council tenders can seem quite daunting! You only get one opportunity to bid so you need to maximise your prospects of success. Professional help and advice can significantly increase your chance of winning that lucrative tender.

BIZphit provides a vast range of tender consultancy services, we specialise in guiding small & medium size businesses (SMEs) through the tendering process to win tenders. Client testimonials confirm our very high levels of success and customer satisfaction.