Do you have sufficient resources to tender successfully?

Do you have sufficient resources to tender successfully?

Lack of resources could mean lack of investment to win your next contract

We support many clients in their contract submissions. However, we often find that resources for tendering required to support a submission are often scarce or non-existent.  This does affect the opportunity whilst bidding and may mane a lack of resources to tender successfully. Sometimes it may be the Office Manager, or Sales Director or even the MD working with their Admin support team who are tasked with regularly responding to tendering requests and requests for quotes.

As the business becomes more successful their role goes from a small part responsibility to a major part of their job. Yet, there are no further investments made to either find new resources or to relieve them of some workload. There may be insufficient work or success to warrant the employment of a full time team. So what happens, you struggle on doing the same old things making the same old mistakes with more of the same frustrations.  Eventually giving up, wasting the time effort and energy expended to tender successfully.

Support for clients

BIZphit offers support to clients so we become an extension of your business. We offer training and support to reduce this workload whilst increasing the clients performance and success rate. Many companies will simply outsource large aspects of the process to us and unlike employees we are always at your disposal if something is urgent we can ‘resource up’ for it. This leaves you to do what you do best – resource your business.

Because we are ‘Supporting businesses with proposal writing content’  then we provide this support to clients of all sizes. Even some of our larger clients, who have significant resources, will often still require additional support for large and complex tenders. We have particularly seen this in the construction sector, M&E and Healthcare sectors for example. For this type of requirement we can provide time from our bid writing team with availability and fees for our team. The client can then book them in and our Bid Managers can work remotely or from the client’s office. Please do contact us now with your questions on how we can support you and your contract process.